About me! I am a postdoctoral fellow in landscape ecology at the BRAES institute at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. The focus of my postdoctoral research is on connectivity conservation.

I very recently defended my PhD (Sept 2020) and just started this new position!

Amanda Liczner PhD bumble bee researcher holding bombus terricola the yellow banded bumble bee which is an at-risk species
Just found a male Bombus terricola

My PhD research was studying at-risk bumble bee habitat at York University. My research mainly focuses on southern Ontario, but more recent work is looking at bumble bee habitat across North America.

Broadly, my research interests are in applied ecological questions focusing on habitat restoration and conservation.

My past research experiences have taken me to a variety of locations including: Californian deserts, northern Ontario lakes, and the alpine-tundra of northern British Columbia