I am on a quest for bumble bee nests and I need recruits to help me locate them!

Why is this important?

Some bumble bee species are in decline possibly due to habitat loss – however, we know very little about bumble bee habitat especially their nesting habitat.

To gain a better understanding of bumble bee nesting habitat we need to find bumble bee nests, but we need help!

What can you do to help?

Submit sightings of bumble bee nests! Video and photo submissions of bumble bee nests can be sent in here

It is important to get an image/video of what the nest looks like and the bumble bee for identification

Other information to note with the nest sightings:

  • GPS Location, location description (i.e. forest, my backyard garden)
  • Bumble bee species (is possible)
  • Describe what they are nesting in (i.e. animal burrow, bird house)
  • Is the ground sloped, if so in what direction? What is the soil like? (sandy, clay, gravel etc).
  • Is the nest in full sun, partial sun, or shade?

Where can I find bumble bee nests?

Bumble bees will nest in a variety of materials including underground (in abandoned small mammal burrows for example), above-ground (in things like bird houses, or tree cavities) and on the ground surface (these nests are usually covered in some vegetation like grass).

Bumble bees will also nest in a variety of habitat types including urban areas, forests, grasslands and agricultural regions

There is some evidence that bumble bees prefer to nest along linear features such as fences, hedges, or forest edges

Bumble bee nests are most often noticed when worker bumble bees are continuously flying in and out of an area later in the summer.

#Quest4BeeNests Poster

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